Details program of “Three days as a Pro”



DAY 0 (arrival): arrival at the hotel by transfer from the Verona airport or from the railway stations in Trento, Ora or Bolzano. Welcome party by the Dolomitics staff: you will be given a brochure that explains the event. In case of need, the staff will drive you to rent a bike (we suggest, if possible, to bring your own saddle, helmet and pedals). In the evening, after dinner we will gather in a briefing to explain the first tour.

DAY 1: breakfast in hotel, bike check and departure for the first tour of the event at 9:00. The first hour will be spent on the Fiemme Valley cycle lane to Moena, where we will start the first uphill. After the San Pellegrino pass and the Valles pass and after taking some souvenir photos, we will stop at the natural park in Paneveggio to admire the beautiful deers that live there. Back in the hotel, you can leave the bike to our technicians for a check-up and wash while you can have a snack and relax in the wellness centre (and get a muscular massage too). After dinner you can see the pictures of the day and live once more the feelings of Val di Fiemme, tasting some good wine or a bottle of Fiemme beer. After that, a short briefing for the day after: Sellaronda tour.

DAY 2: breakfast in hotel, bike check and start from the hotel by bus at 8:30 am to reach Fassa Valley. Since we will face 2360 m difference in altitude, we will have a packed lunch to enjoy on the road, in front of the magnificent panorama of the tour. Back in the hotel, as the day before, we will organize some snack and relaxing time. At 6:00 pm we will show the pictures of the day and organize the briefing for the next tour: Lavazè and Pampeago. At 7 pm the group will leave the hotel to reach the local restaurant (dinner offered by the Dolomitics Association), to enjoy the taste of Trentino. We will stop by at the pub before going back to the hotel: a beer with your new friends sounds so good!

DAY 3 (departure): breakfast in the hotel, bike check and departure from the hotel at 9:00 am for the last tour: Lavazè pass and Pampeago pass through the sudtiroler side Obereggen. Pictures will be taken on this special day. Once in Stava, we will stop at the museum to learn something more about the 1985 tragedy. Back in the hotel, snack, relax and final salutations. 

Before leaving Val di Fiemme, you will receive the USB key with your DolomiticsTravel pictures and one last sparkling wine cheer, hoping to see one another soon.